Video cameras are one of the most valuable tools in the plumbing business. Specially designed waterproof plumbing cameras allow plumbing technicians to conduct a visual inspection of sewer lines and other underground pipes, including pipes under cement and under your home’s foundation. We at Trust Home Inspections offer this service, and you can add it on to a home inspection for half the price a plumber will charge you.

To begin your sewer camera inspection, a professionally trained and skilled technician inserts a rod with a high-resolution video camera on its tip into your sewer lines. These high-tech drain cameras are flexible, allowing them to travel through twists and turns in sewer lines and thoroughly examine pipes and pipe walls in drain lines from 2 inches to 36 inches in diameter.

The video footage is transmitted to the technician in real-time, so the condition inside your sewer and drain lines can be assessed immediately. You’ll be able to view any problems right on a monitor, and footage is saved for future reference. Plumbing cameras are just one part of our sewer line inspection process. This is not a tool that most Home Inspectors carry or have access to.

This inspection will give you more piece of mind when buying a home. Weather there are multiple trees in the yard, the pipes are draining slow, there are older cast iron pipes, clay pipes, orangeberg pipes or plastic pipes, having the knowledge of what is going on with the main drain in the house before you finalize your purchase is our goal. Ask your Home Inspector if they have the ability to do a sewer camera inspection before you hire your next home inspector.


Did you know as a home owner you are responsible for the sewer drain lines from your house to the main sewer line? A lot of people would answer yes, but did you know that sometimes that main line sewer connection is in the middle of the street and you are still responsible for it. If the street needs dug up to replace the pipe it could be your responsibility. You are planning to spend a lot of money on this purchase, and you would rather find out if there are issues with the pipes now instead of the day you move in.

Main Problems to Identify

  1. Root Intrusion, roots are attracted to moisture and if there is a way in they will find it.
  2. Cracked, Broken or Collapsed pipes. Older homes could have clay, cast iron, or orangeburg pipes. These pipes have a lifespan and will get old and can collapse over time. All pipes can crack and brake. You want to make sure that is not happing with your pipes.
  3. Improper installation. It is not uncommon for missing couplers, or fittings that the glue has failed and now roots are pushing on the pipe and the fitting comes apart
  4. Identify blockages. Flushing Toilets and filling up bathtubs does not identify possible blockages or partial blockage that could turn into a full blockage and the plumbing and toilets backing up.
  5. Sagging lines. This happens over time in areas where the soil is expansive. A low spot or sagging line can start to collect waste and start to create blockages.

Main reasons to get a sewer camera inspection

  1. Replacement is expensive. A full replacement can run $15,000 or more. Partial repairs are usually in the thousands.
  2. Knowing the problem is more than half the battle. Once a sewer camera inspection is done and if you have identified a problem, you can get a price from a plumber and the true cost associated with repairs needed before you make your purchase.
  3. Negotiate if a problem is identified. If a problem is found this may be a negotiating point prior to the purchase. A broken light switch or small roof leak is easy to see and fix, a sewer problem is not as easy.
  4. Peace of Mind. When you have a sewer camera inspection there is no guessing what the inside of the pipe looks like. With a camera inspection now you know, good or bad.

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