In 2005, when I was looking to buy my first house, I was spending every last dime I had on paying off debt to lower my debt to income ratio, saving money for a down payment, and trying to pay for a wedding. So I bought my first house without getting an inspection because I could not afford it and I thought I would be able to fix everything that was wrong with the house myself.

If I would have spent the money ($300-$500) for someone to hand me a report that said the house needed $80,000 worth of work I would never have bought that house.

The reason I do home inspections now is I want all my clients to know the condition of the house they are either buying or selling. Whether you choose to purchase the house is not my decision, but to make sure I do the best job possible to help you understand the house inside and out and give you a comprehensive report is my job.

My goal is to help people avoid the same mistake I made.